Welcome to the home of Bettis Beefmasters, we specialize breeding and developing some of the best Beef cattle on the market today. Our Farm is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. The Farm has been in the family for over 100 years even though it has grown smaller through the years and today only about 60 acres remain, and about half of that is still forest/woodland. Parts of the farm were logged in the early 1990's and had to be restored. For more information on the restoration project see the Farm Information link.


Today we have a small herd of Beefmaster cattle and are continuing to grow it. In 2000 we were not even aware of the Beefmaster breed, our previous experiences had always been with Angus and other various crosses. Since then all I can say is WOW! They are without a doubt the best cattle we have ever owned. They are friendly, do not spook easily, incredibly fast growers with a great easy going disposition. They calve small and grow large and DAMS have more than adequate milk to raise the young but not so much as to produce problems. We concentrate on Polled Red Beefmaster Cattle focusing on high growth on natural forage with very little supplemental feed. We feed them a small amount of grain everyday just to keep them gentle around people and so that we can inspect them. We use no hormones only natural feeds with a mineral supplement.


We are members of:

Beefmasters Breeders United http://www.beefmasters.org/

South Eastern Beefmaster Breeders Association http://www.sebba.com/

Mid-Atlantic Beefmaster Marketing Group

Georgia Cattlemen's Association http://www.gabeef.org/        


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          Sonny Bettis